1/400 sec. f/11 21mm

1/400 sec. f/11 18mm

1/400 sec. f/11 43mm

1/400 sec. f/11 18mm

This is an interesting angle picture. The black and white makes it look dramatic. Black and white

always show more emotion. The contrast shows the sky, You can see the composition in this picture.

The editing in this picture made it stand out. I feel like it defines the picture more.


1/640 sec. f/11 23mm

1/320 sec. f/13 18mm

This is the picture I chose from the internet. I like this picture because it’s in black and white. It has lines but they’re not all straight, they’re some circle. It shows shadows and light because of the contrasting in the picture. The contrasting makes the image seem darker and it makes the face and light stand out. I feel like what also makes the face and lines of light stand out is the angle. The angle makes the whole picture because even the smallest angle can make a difference in the picture. This image also is a good picture because it drew my attention and by drawing my attention you have your audience.


1/125 sec. f/5.6 300mm
1/125 sec. f/5.6 300mm
1/125 sec. f/5.6 120mm


This picture look good because it got nice color tune. It also has good texture, nice view,

it not blur, and the brightness is perfect. The balance is good. Orange is one of the more common in nature.

This remind me of my uncle because he the only person in our family that travel out the country

and went to Paris.